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 Custom Kido Rules/Template

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Kohana Hirikano
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1st Division Captain Commander
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PostSubject: Custom Kido Rules/Template   Custom Kido Rules/Template I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 10, 2010 12:28 am

•Custom Kido's wont be numbered since they are unique to the user who created it.
•Only Captains strength Shinigami, Leuitenants, members of the Kido Corps and Vizards can create/train for Custom Kido's
•Captain Level Shinigami and Vizards can create up to 3 Custom Kido's CC level Shinigami/Vizard dont need to train for one Custom Kido
•Leuitenatns can create up to 2 Custom Kido's
•Kido Corps Members can create 1 Custom Kido
•Other users can learn another person's Custom Kido, however permission from the creator must be given first before the user can train for it.
•Training will be done in the Kido Training area, no where else.
•Level 1-30 Kido's will have to be trained for at least 600-800 words.
•Level 31-60 Kido's will have to be trained for at least 1k-1.8K words
•Level 61-80 Kido's will have to be trained for at least 1.9k-2.8K words.
•Level 81-100 Kido's will have to be trained for at least 2.8- 3.8K words.
•Once Training is done have an Admin/Moderator approve your training and Kido, after that you are free to use it in RP

Custom Kido Application

Name: {The name of your Custom Kido}
Level: {What level would you give this Kido? 1 being the weakest, 100 being the strongest}

Incantation: {Whats the incantation for your Kido?}

Discription: {What are the effects of your Kido, What does it look like when fired?}
Range: {What is the Distence your Kido can fire?}

Casting Time: {How long does it take you to cast your Kido. Think of this as charge time.}
Duration: {How long does this Kido Last?}
Cooldown: {How long must you wait until you can fire this again?}
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Custom Kido Rules/Template
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