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The Bleach Universe, lost in turmoil and corruption. Aliiances have been made and broken. This is a war of wars for the Bleach universe.
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 Death System

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Kei Karusha

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PostSubject: Death System   Death System I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 10, 2010 6:31 pm

As the title says it all, this is a death system for the forum since people often become reincarnated as Hollows or Arrancars when they die as Shinagami's, as absurd as this sounds, but I am here to elaborate how this will be organized in.

The system will go like this...

-Note: This is only for those who has had their character killed and still want to RP as them-

Humans---> Either Hollow (which will obviously turn into an Arrancar) if their chains were broken and a hole formed in their chest as they Hollowfy or Shinagami.

Quincy ---> Either Hollow (which in turn will become Arrancar) if their chains were broken and a hole formed in their chest as they Hollowfy or Shinagami, the reasoning for this is because the Quincy race are still humans, just with a common trait of a particular special power, that's all.

Shinagami---> Humans or if they were lucky, they will become Quincy.

Vizards---> Humans, with luck they might be Quincy but there is always a chance they can become Arrancars if their Hollow side overtakes them or simply Hollows that turn into Arrancars, though the reason why they can be reincarnated as Humans or Quincy is the fact they are still Shinagami, just with the ability to use their inner Hollow to their advantage.

Bountou---> They will simply turn into dust if they were killed since they are artificial entities, experiments in other words that are simply created with artificial reiatsu that will fade away, possibly heading as blanks to the Valley of the Screams until they assume a role when they are reborn, most possibly as a Shinagami since the Bountou are seen as humans.

Arrancar---> Arrancars that die will be purified, being sent as Shinagami to Rokungai and maybe if they are lucky, they would end up in Seireitai in the Gotei 13, the rule for purification is simple since Arrancars are technically Hollows, they would be sent back in their untainted form as "pluses" just like Rukia illustrated in the Bleach series.

Of course, all this is irrelevent if you die and a Bountou consumes your soul, or an Arrancar devours it. Then you are gone

(Credited and thanks to Rebecca, Shuei, and New Divide)
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Death System
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