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 Rykiske's Zanpakto (Finished)

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Rykiske's Zanpakto (Finished) Empty
PostSubject: Rykiske's Zanpakto (Finished)   Rykiske's Zanpakto (Finished) I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 05, 2010 6:06 pm

Name: Zekayuu
Release Phrase: Take to the skies and tear open the heavens with the force of your gale, Howl, Zekayuu
Family: Wind
Level: Bankai
(The reasoning behind the dual blades is that each sword represents one of Zekayuu's wings)
Shikai Ability: Rykiske's wind and wind based techniques can pass through solid objects by minimizing to the molecular level to pass through said object and returning to normal once on the other side. This does have restrictions though.
-When he chooses to send the wind through a solid object, it takes one post before it completely goes through said object.
-Metal and glass will take 3 turns to completely move through
-As far as friends or foes are concerned, Rykiske's wind can pass through them but CANNOT hurt them in any way.
(The diameter of each of these "Fan Blades"(As Rykiske calls them) is 2 yards(the blades themselves being 1 yard in length. Contrary to the picture, his fan blades are teal in color with the blades themselves being completely white.)
When using bankai, Rykiske doesn't physically touch his "Fan Blades" but rather creates a small vacuum of wind in each of his hands and manipulates his blades using this method. With these vaccums of air, Rykiske can easily repel, increase the momentum and velocity of, and recall his blades at will.

When in bankai form, two symmetrical black dots appear on his back that expel reiatsu and take the form of two dragon wings, each wing being exactly 5 yards in length. The reiatsu itself is teal in color and the wings are able to maintain their constant shape because of the manipulation of the wind by zekayuu. These wings are condensed with blades of wind; if touched, they can cause life threatening wounds. His forearms covered in a transparent tealish aura in the shape of a dragon's forearm. His skin becomes scaly, his eyes turn white with slit pupils(The outline of the iris can still be seen). His hair becomes unruly and stretches down to his lower back.
Bankai Ability: By stretching out his wings, he can make his wings act as a vacuum to suck up anything in the surrounding area including specific molecules in the air and shred them with his wind bladed wings. When activating his ability, he cannot use any of his techs. This ability covers a 5 yard diameter around himself.

Nami Korosu(Vacuum Wave)
Rykiske will pour his reiatsu into one of his swords and make a slash motion to release a huge wave of wind. Instead being able to cut, it somewhat warps what it hits as it acts like a vaccuum. Rykiske also has the option of of using this technique with both of his blades which will double the force and speed of the technique. If he does use both of his blades, the cooldown doubles.
Cooldown: 2
Level: Shikai

Houkou, Zekayuu(Howl, Zekayuu)
Rykiske will connect the handles of his swords at their butts and spin them, creating a fan. HE spins them to such high a speeds that it produces hurricane style winds. From these winds he summons Zekayuu who takes the form of a western style dragon made of wind. Zekayuu can suck up anything like a tornado and release them at will. He can slash anything he's absorbed instead of expelling them.
Cooldown: 6
Level:[/] Shikai

[u]BouKen Arashi(Spinning blade Storm)

Rykyske will throw both of his fan blades as they both fly in a circle around him and his opponent. The blades gain speed quickly and results in a vortex that reaches the sky. Inside the vortex, Rykiske and his opponent have the liberty to fight in the eye of the storm but, outside that "eye" is the vortex which serves as a sort of boundary. Much like a normal tornado, if caught in the actual wind, you can be subject by flying random objects including Rykiske's fan blades. Even though his blades are concealed by the high speed winds, Rykiske remains in complete control of them.
Duration: 4 turns
Cooldown: 7 turns
Level: Bankai
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Rykiske's Zanpakto (Finished) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Rykiske's Zanpakto (Finished)   Rykiske's Zanpakto (Finished) I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 06, 2010 1:18 pm

Rykiske's Zanpakto (Finished) 18926721
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Rykiske's Zanpakto (Finished)
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