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The Bleach Universe, lost in turmoil and corruption. Aliiances have been made and broken. This is a war of wars for the Bleach universe.
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 Zento. Captain of the 11th divison

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11th Division Captain
11th Division Captain

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PostSubject: Zento. Captain of the 11th divison   Zento. Captain of the 11th divison I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 18, 2010 11:02 am

Name: Zento Kenpachi

Visual Age: 21

Zanpakutō's Name:Kengen
Personality: Zento is Crazy. he hates people who have a big mouth and think that they are the best at everything. He loves to fight and kill. He likes to sleep and to him, having fun is putting your life on the line with a fight. He is the kind that hates it when people try to take control of things and tell him what to do. He will put up with stuff like that but still hates it. he Loves it when people want to fight him. He will never turn down a fight if asked even if it's his kage. He will fight until he dies or that person dies. he loves getting power and killing. He will just about let no one live unless he has to. He likes to be alone but have people around at the same time. He hates it when a lot of people are about because it just get's to crowded. He likes to be alone when he is thinking about who to kill and how to do it.

When he's in a fight:When Zento get's himself into a fight like he dose he likes to have fun with them. he likes to let weaker people have the first hit on him. He likes to see people at their full power and not holding out on him. If they do and show him what he wants he will take his eye patch off. Zento never shows himself to be scared in a fight. The only thing you will see on his face when in a fight is bored or happy. He dose not like to move out of the way of attacks that much because he thinks that's boring unless he needs to. He dose not like to kill people when they lose the will to fight any more. He will fight until the stop or die.

Natural Race:white?
Family/Relatives:all dead
Appearance pic
Story:human arc:As a human, Zento was the kind that worked for what was right in his eyes. He did not let people tell him what to do. when he was a kid. If he wanted to do something he would do it. no one would stop him. Zento one day walked home from school to find that his door to his house was open. He did not think anything of it. But as he walked in, his mother was laying on the ground in a pool of blood. He looked at her with fear. He looked up and there was his father. he had a knife in his hand. Blood was dripping off of it. Zento walked to him and his dad spoke. "You saw this, now your going to have to die son." He said. his dad ran at him with the blade. Zento moved out of the way and punched him in the face. His father kicked him in the gut and he fell down. He was laying in his mothers blood. His dad looked at him. Zento was still laying in the pool of blood as his dad walked up to him. "i'm sorry." He said. He went down to stab him in the heart. but then, Zento grabbed his fathers hand and stopped the blade. He got back to his feet and on his right side was his mothers blood. He looked into the eyes of his father and kicked him. The blade left his hands and he ran at his father. Zento stabbed him in the gut. His father was now dead. That was when his love for battles started

After some years of fighting and running away from the cops because of the death of his mother and father, the fingers were pointed at him. He never showed up and no one ever knew were he was. He killed over 20 people in a year. He had scars for people he killed. one day he ran into a bear and he had a knife. The same knife he used to kill his father. He had this on him for a long time. the bear attacked him and he attacked the bear. They went at it for some time and then he was about dead. Then the bear ran at him. He stabbed the bear in the head and then the bear was dead. Zento died after knowing that he killed the bear.

lose of his memory arc:Zento dose not know alot about himself. He woke up in the soul society. He was laying in a room with lights shining on him. He looked around. He was all banged up and bleeding bad. He was near death. "Kenpachi Are you ok?" A man asked. Zento shook his head around slow. "W-Were am i?" Zento asked. "You in the soul societys hospital. You got in a fight with the espada and you won the fight." The man said with a smile on his face. Zento looked around. "My name is,Zento?" He asked. "Yes, you must off lost your memory. Your the captain of the 11th division." The man said. Zento looked at his right. There was a sword next to him. He pointed. "Yes that's your blade" The man said. Zento looked at him. "Did it have a name?" He asked. "Yes. It's name to you was Kengen." the man said. He put his hand out to grab his sword. The man took the sword away. "Your not ready to fight just yet." The kid said. Zento sighed and went back to sleep. He woke up and was some what better. He got back to his feet. Zento was walking slow and then fell down. the man walked over to him and picked him up. "It's ok i got you." He said. Zento got back to his feet and walked around started to get his strength back. Zento got his vice-captain rank back after some time of working hard and waits for the day he can remember who he was and what he did.

After some time of walking around in the soul society he found clues of his past. he had a book with all the shinigami in it. Even people that were starting to become a shinigami. but nothing about him. Like a missing page. He looked all around and asked people about him. The only thing that people would say is that he would keep to himself. He did not know a lot until that day. He was looking around his room and then something was coming out of the wall. It looked like paper. He pulled in out and then it was that missing page of his. He read that he was crazy and loved fighting. He killed the last captain for his rank fast. He smiled a crazy smile and then ran around. He left the soul society and then went into las noches to kill all the people to go against him. He killed all the arrancars and hollows that crossed his path. He when into the forest and then he left after getting all that fighting out.

fighting the crazy arc:he went back to the souls society and then he went to his room. He had some blood on him and he was all cut up. He went to bed and was in the realm his sword lived. He looked at him. "What the hell is going on here Kengen?" He asked. "You are the real form of his body, but not the only one." He said with a blank face. "What do you mean?" He asked. after he said that he moved to his side and then someone that looked just like Zento was looking in his eyes. "Who are you? Am i one of those vizards?" He said. "No." the other one said. "I am the calm form of you. The one that was taking over when you lost your memory." He said. "And i'm going to take it back." He said. He pulled out his blade and so did the crazy one. The battle started and reitsu was flying all over the place. They were in battle for a long time. They were both in bankai and both bleeding. The crazy and calm one ran at each other and then they hit a big explosion showed up then the crazy one was on the ground. the calm one was standing up and the crazy one looked at him. "Ok you win. But your not going to stay the leader of the body." He said The calm form won the fight but the crazy on still had a hold of the body. So now when ever blood showed (not like small but not a lot) He went back into his crazy form to kill the opponent. After some time and never finding a way to get rid of the crazy side, the calm Zento was gone and only left the old Zento to rule the body.

crazy comes back arc:When the Crazy Zento ruled the body he was again a Kenpachi and he had the people in the soul society fear him. He was fighting the people in the soul society when they try to kill him none have won the fight against him. He has let people live when they stop fighting him and he has killed all that have come to the soul society and who he has pulled his blade out on. He was walking around in K-town and found a strong power coming from the air. He looked up. There was the espada who he lost his memory to. the espada pointed his blade at him. "I thought you were dead." He said. Zento laughed. "you did not try hard then." He said. Then the espada was in his face going to stab him in the face. Zento pulled out his blade and stopped the attack. He smiled at the man. "your dead." He said and the sword left the espadas hand and then he stabbed him in the eye. He kicked the body of the espada off his blade and put the blade back in it's sheath. He walked away knowing now that the man who took his memory was dead and could not do a thing about it. He walks around the soul society looking for someone to kill.

Fighting Style:kenpachi (you know how he fights.)
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PostSubject: Re: Zento. Captain of the 11th divison   Zento. Captain of the 11th divison I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 18, 2010 11:07 am

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Zento. Captain of the 11th divison
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