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The Bleach Universe, lost in turmoil and corruption. Aliiances have been made and broken. This is a war of wars for the Bleach universe.
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 Mazo Trinca

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Mazo Trinca
2nd Division Captain
2nd Division Captain
Mazo Trinca

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PostSubject: Mazo Trinca   Mazo Trinca I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 23, 2010 8:10 pm

Name: Mazo Trinca
Alias/Nicknames: Kaze no Oni (Demon of the Wind)

Age 2.000
Visual Age: 20

Zanpakutō's Name: Ken Kaze
Division: 2nd
Personality: Laid back in times of peace, feirce, clever, calculating, caring to his friends and comrades, smart, and sharp
Birthday: July 13
Birthplace: 22nd Rukongai Sector
Natural Race: Shinigami
Family/Relatives: none (orphan)
Appearance - He wears the traditional shinigami uniform with a sleevless captain's haori. He has pitch black hair that goes to his shoulders in a slightly spiked manner, neon green eyes that in the right light would appear to glow, his skin is slightly pale, his facial a tad sleek but otherwise normal, and his body has a lean yet hard build for speed and strength.
Height: 6.2 ft.
Weight: 190
Story - Mazo was born as a orphan with no knowledge of his parents in the twenty second sector of the Rukongai and had to raise himself with a few of his friends. During his childhood he discovered that had an untaural amount of reiatsu for his age and when he focused it itcame out abnormally pitch black like his hair in which caused many people to be slightly wary around except his friends who were used to it. When he was old enough he enrolled into the shinigami acedemy to become one of the shinigami in the 13 Gotei so he could better grasp his power and protect those who needed it. He and his teachers found out he caught onto subjects quickly and in time became known as a prodigy, much to his chargin since he never liked to draw too much attention to himself, he was at the top of his class and helped out his fellow classmate when they asked. He graduated after only two years in the academy and got assigned to the the 2nd Division under the strike forces due his high ability in hand-to-hand, swordsmanship, and flexiblity with shunpo, and adpet in kidou to keep himself rounded in all fields as much as possible. He still visited the academy every now and then whe he was off duty to visit the friends he made in the academy.

Mazo was only been in the 2nd Division for about two months before he unlocked his zanpukutou and turned out that he had a wind elemental based zanpukutou named Ken Kaze and began to practice with it so he could get a firm grasp of Ken Kaze's abilities which took five months until he was able to master his shikai. He rose in ranks to where he was the new vice captain of the division and served under the title to the best of his abilities and unlocked his bakai which he took surprisingly two years to master much to everyone's shock as very few were known to accomplish such a feet but he said that that only two other should be given any praise for that kind of thing and they were Kisuke and Ichigo Kurosaki. He was later allowed to tae the qualificatio test to become the new captain of the division since the previous captain was promoted to Division Zero thus leaving the spot vacant. After gaining the approval of of three of the other captains and managed to defeat one if only barely he was given the title of the new captain of the 2nd Division of the 13 Goei. He now leads his division to the best of his ability and try to maintian order while keeping a good social life with the other captains and his own division.

Fighting Style: Close to mid range combat with a combination of shunpo, swordsmanship, and kidou to make his attack fast and hard.
Rp Sample - Mazo was watching over a city to see personally the recent hollow attacks that have becoming more recent lately and noticed that a group of hollows spotted him thus the fight began with the sound of their roars. He began to make quick work of the hollows as he rapidly unsheathed Ken Kaze and began to slice them limb from limb with brutal prescision as their blood sprayed everywhere and all over him that emphasized his name, "Kaze no Oni". When the last hollow in the group fell, he watched it head fly off it's shoulder and faid into nothingness with a hint of disappointment on his facial features. He felt a three separate higher spiritual preassures appear as he saw a Garganta open up and three Gillian stepped out of it and sighed as he knew this was going to be pointless on their part as he vanished then reappeared behind one only for another to fire off a cero at him wich caused him to shunpo out of the way but still managed to get his leg caught to the point it was suffering from mild burns causing to slightly scowl at his own carelessness and shunpoed a few feet back to get a better assessment of the situation.

He stood there a few mitues then vanished and reappeared below a gillian then sliced upwards causing to to be cleaved in two cauing it roar in agony as its body for faded away. He sighed a bit as he then turned and focused on the other two then shunpoed close to the ground until they fired twin ceros at him to which he shunpoed around them and appeared behind the one closest to him and jumped up and unleahed a numerous assault of stabs up the huge hollow's body until he reached and destroyed the the Gillian's mask which caused it to vanish like the one previous to it. He was caugh off guard as the last one fired another cero at him which caught him and burned some of most of his clothing off to where only is hakama pants were left if singed and his body had small burns across it. He cursed at himself a bit then vanished and and yelled out as stabbed his sword into the Gillian's skull and kept going until he troe out the the back of the hollow's head, covering him in fresh hollow blood and once it had vanished he sheathed his zanpukutou and opened a senkai gate and went back to the Seireitei to get healed and rest for the day.

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Mazo Trinca
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