Bleach: The Awakening

The Bleach Universe, lost in turmoil and corruption. Aliiances have been made and broken. This is a war of wars for the Bleach universe.
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 Bleach Retribution- An Advanced Bleach RPG

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T H I N G S ♰ T O ♰ K N O W

  • We have unique non-stat based system and friendly helpful staff with a unique set of rules.
  • To start off, there is no Bleach characters existing on this forum that are from the manga, the timeline is in 2010
  • We have a variety of Races to choose from, these include: Shinigami, Arrancar, Quincy, Modified Souls, Superhuman, Bountou, even Zanpaktou Spirits and Bountou Dolls!
  • Member run plot! Anyone can affect the outcome of the site!
  • Easy for dedicated members to increase their powers through training.
  • Dedicated members can win MOTM (Member Of The Month) and have a banner created for them staring their character! Plus the banner will stay up for a whole month!
  • A nice clean looking layout to our site that was designed by our graphic team in a bleach theme.

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O U R ♰ P L O T

    During around the development of immobilizing Souls, there was a ruler known by many names, but known as today as the "Spirit King". Tis King had great power and responsibility for the sake of the Souls because his family had created a certain entity which today lies deeply top secret and almost forgotten. Due such effect, he established all responsibilities onto a certain someone for unknown reasons. These responsibilities came onto military-based operations, politics, and stability of balance in harmony of the Souls. The King created and rested his great responsibility onto a man named Kazumi. One of the most promising generals of the King's dispatch. However, the King had separated the power. He placed the power of politics onto forty-six individuals. These individuals are known today as the "Chamber 46". As Kazumi was building with his new bestowed powers, he created an academy and named just about every individual thing used in the academy. Him and the other strong generals known as today "Captains of the Gotei 13"; Kazumi named his establishment the "Gotei 13." Such things, he has appointed their main priority, to protect the Souls of many at whatever logical cause. Their mission as a military is to defend the realm they live in, keep order, and sustain balance onto the human world from whence they came from.

    Unfortunately, during such start up; there was many problems in the human world. Who knew that the sweet dreams of the so called "Death Gods"; notably known as "Shinigami" nowadays, had ran into many conflicts in the Soul Society. They battled many corrupt souls who entered a state of what is known as a "Hollow". A reckless meaning and definition of the soulless creatures. These creatures ate many Souls in the human world for decades and have been mismatched through some of histories creatures made infamous today in the modern era. As the fighting continued, the Shinigami has developed many abstract ideas into reality for their own goods and benefits. Though these ideas have backfired. One of their early establishing creations was the Bount. A human soul modified to help out the cause of human world against the Hollow. The experiment went horrid and they broke free of the uncertainty of the Gotei 13's view on them. These Bounts were to be equivalent to the other special humans known today as the "Quincy." Their history along with the Shinigami was another conflict. A small portent treaty was formed between the two. Which ended in disaster when the Quincy felt betrayed by the Shinigami and many many things did not work out. In the end the Quincy were almost wiped out by the Shinigami. Clearly the last remaining Quincy do not or has forgotten about the cold war between the species long ago...

    During such major conflicts the humans in the human world were gaining major Spiritual Interactions from these said species. The result was very catastrophic. Most humans who have came face to face with these beings began to awaken their spiritual powers at a very unnatural early state. These humans are known today as "Superhumans"; humans who has yet or has awaken their inner powers during their living era. These humans produced more humans with the capability to unlock their hidden potentials of powers. Though today, many of these humans still go under the same effect as the humans did back then. Unusual enough, the Superhumans are not directed to anything, but attract a lot of Hollows to their domain, mainly a specific class and type of Hollow known as the Menos Grande from time to time due to the powerful rich spiritual energy given off by the human. Again, during this conflict the Shinigami and Superhumans seem to go along swell while the Quincys no longer infiltrate in the hunting of Hollows, but they do time to time with a heart assist others in need. For they are human and such emotions and reasoning is hard to just let go... The cycle was focused on the Gotei 13 to protect and serve the Souls all world-wide......

    Before the natural world knew of it. The Hollows began to get stronger, but not publicly. Their own forces began within their own domain known as the "White Desert". The only way to describe the place was the most unkindly place in the universe. The only way to survive here is to kill and detest your emotions away for good and kill all out of your path. Be the strongest or cower and hide, waiting to be eaten. Weaker hollows began to fear entering the human world. So they ate one another in a shark frenzy. Blood was spilt under this terrain known today as the "Forest of Menos", due to the massive populations of Menos due to the recent protection in the human world. These Menos soon began to feast upon one another and a newly class was born! The Adjuchas! Such endless beasts that need to constantly feed off souls were the new born breed and dawn of aging of the Hollow. None had knew about this newly class level Hollow. Though unlike the most Hollows, these beasts could speak clearly and had advance thinking skills and began to even shift into a new class. Only very very few became such a class. They named themselves Vasto Lordes. Being the top of the food chain, these creatures alone were as twice stronger than the average Captain the Gotei 13 had to offer. They have been shown to look more of their former human self and with awakened powers reflecting upon persona, life, and dreams. As such the powers in this world began to reach at very high levels quickly and secretively.

    Though there was one being who would change all that. His name was Duke, the first Hollow to achieve many things. Because of him, he reached a very newly peak to the Hollow universe with a unique ability of his own. He had the power to grant himself and others Shinigami-like abilities. He established a new military system and called it Las Noches. He divided the powers and such and left the strongest to be called Espada. His ability was forever changed as it caused radiation and spreading like a disease. Unknowing why, but this caused the Hollow species to obtain the new form of ripping their masks off. They called it Arrancar. Duke was an oddball, maddening in ever possibility. There was only one mistake he ever made. During his progression as an Arrancar, he devoured a soul with cunning emotions like none other. The soul's name was Shuei Setsuna. This young man was killed and seek his vengeance for Duke's mistake for killing his brother, mother, and father. Under many decades of Duke's rulings, the Espada gained a new member, it was Shuei. During this time in the era, the Espada were at war with the Shinigami. During this turf war, Shuei was ranking himself up, killing the Espadas one by one. Until he finally came up to battle Duke. Shuei's negative emotions forever lingered in him. He finally defeated the man and his armies. The young man then officially named this world Hueco Mundo. Ending the war, the Arrancar progressed so far he gave up with everything related to Las Noches. He proclaimed himself King of Hueco Mundo and drifted apart from the beings and left himself alone....

    Though finally as Shuei Setsuna ruled and drifted away from Las Noches, he became the most powerful Hollow ever to exist. During this time, Shinigami had their own affairs turn against them. One being who is Shuei's brother was Hisoka. Hisoka has somehow managed to combine his soul with a Hollow-like entity. Due to this, he betrays Soul Society and leaves them with the help of his older brother. They each contacted each other when Hisoka was searching for the leader of the Hueco Mundo world. As a last redeeming favor towards his younger sibling, he grants permission for the self proclaimed "Vizard" to be lifted by the Menos' Negacion. As a unforgiving thing, Hisoka was the first of his kind. The first Vizard. It is unclear what is to happen with the races. Shinigami began to search for prosperity and only found dangerous conflicts. They began to loose control of their own powers and have come crossed many unique abilities. The question remains.... What shall one do at a time like this? War wages on between one another. Why? Because there are still souls out there who wish to be the strongest. For their own reasons. Everyone has theirs to fight.... What's your reason?

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