Bleach: The Awakening

The Bleach Universe, lost in turmoil and corruption. Aliiances have been made and broken. This is a war of wars for the Bleach universe.
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 Zanpakuto Template

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Kohana Hirikano
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1st Division Captain Commander
Kohana Hirikano

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PostSubject: Zanpakuto Template   Zanpakuto Template I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 10, 2010 12:22 am

Name: (What is Your zanpaktou spirit's name?)

Manifestation: (What does your zanpaktou spirit look like?)

Release Phrase: (What command do you use, when you call out your zanpaktou?)

Family: Pick one/two type(s) of family(Two for elites)

Level: (Is your zanpaktou shikai level? bankai level?)

Sealed Zanpaktou: (What does you zanpaktou look like out of shikai not released?)

Shikai: (What does you zanpaktou look like in it's shikai state?)

Shikai Ability: (What ability/power does you zanpaktou have in it's shikai state?)

Bankai: (This is for captains and elite vizard only. What does you zanpaktou look like, in it's bankai state? FOR CAPTAINS AND ELITES ONLY!!!)

Bankai Ability: (What ability/power does your zanpaktou have in it's bankai state? FOR CAPTAINS AND ELITES ONLY!!!)

Rules in making Techs:
1-99 POINTS: 3 techs
100-199: 4 techs
200-299: 5 techs
300-399: 6 techs.... and so on and so fourth... you can add more techs as your posts goes up.
NOTE: Put if the tech is used in shikai or bankai for the sake of order
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Zanpakuto Template
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